For over 50 years, our sole focus at Safety Hoist Company has been designing and manufacturing platform material hoists, also known as shingle lifts and roofing ladder lifts. We are continuously innovating our proven product line to be applicable in many different industries including roofing, solar, masonry and general construction. As your lifting demands change, we continue to pioneer new ladder hoists and accessories to make moving materials safer, quicker and easier than ever before. Our veteran owned and operated company manufactures gas and electric ladder lifts for any job. Whatever you’re lifting, lift it with a Safety Hoist.



We know there are other options when transporting your materials. Why should you chose a platform hoist?

  • Safety

    Manually carrying materials—especially heavy or bulky items—puts you and your workers at high risk of injury. A material hoist is the simplest and safest way to get your materials to the roof. Stop risking your team's safety.

  • Efficiency

    A boom truck or extended forklift requires special training and a license to operate, making it difficult to rent for small jobs. Training and permits require time and money to obtain, causing significant delays on job sites. A material laddervator requires no special training, tools or permits to operate.

  • Affordability

    Boom trucks and roofing conveyors can become expensive to rent for jobs. They are also prone to causing property damage- which can be expensive to repair. Manually lifting materials can result in hefty OSHA fines as well as medical leave and workers compensation claims for accidents. A material hoist is the most affordable alternative.

  • Portability

    A roofing conveyor needs a lot of space to operate. A boom truck is not always accessible on job sites because of its size. Both of these options place material where the truck can reach, which is not always where you need it. A laddervator fits on any job site and requires very little room to operate- making it extremely portable.

  • Availability

    Roofing conveyor and boom truck schedules are often booked out weeks in advance which can delay your job. A material hoist is available whenever you need it. Stop working on someone else's schedule.


So you’ve decided a material hoist is right for you- but why choose Safety Hoist?

  • Highest Quality

    Other material hoists on the market are made using low quality parts imported from outside the US, causing the product to break and require maintenance frequently. Our laddervators are made using only the highest quality parts available and are manufactured entirely in the USA. Unlike our competitors, our team’s sole focus is on manufacturing material lifts and accessories, so you know you are getting a quality

  • Reliable Engines

    Other material hoists on the market use cheap engines made outside of the USA. Our engines are supplied solely by Honda, the most trusted name in industrial engines, so you know you are getting a product you can count on. Should something go wrong with your Honda engine, you will be covered under warranty for three years!

  • Extended Warranties

    Other material hoists on the market offer warranties between 30-90 days. We manufacture a product we stand behind and have confidence in, which is why we are proud to offer a 1 year warranty on all of our hoists. We also offer a repair program for the life span of your hoist which makes getting repairs and maintenance done a quick and affordable process.

  • Quicker Service

    Other material hoists on the market take up to 90 days to be built and shipped out. We understand that when the need arises, you will want your hoist ASAP, which is why we keep inventory in stock and offer same day shipping on shingle lift orders as well as parts.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    Other companies who supply material hoists often are not helpful after the sale has ended. We have a team of trusted employees who are available every day to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We are proud to offer personalized service to any customer who reaches out.

  • Constant Innovation

    Our patent pending electric hoist was the first electric hoist on the market and the only one capable of lifting up to 500 lbs. We also have the largest range of hoist accessories on the market. We are constantly manufacturing new and improved ladder lifts and accessories to add to our growing product line. We take pride in knowing our job is never done.

Our hoists are designed and manufactured to lift anything from shingles and bricks to solar panels, tiles and tools. Check out some of the industries we serve


My company had the chance to visit Safety Hoist’s booth at a recent trade show. Our previous hoist was too heavy for most employees and we were looking for a solution. The 500 LB Capacity Heavy Duty Hoist is lightweight enough for everyday use and has helped my team tremendously. Awesome product!


Best buy I ever made! It's a super tool and saved my back.

Robert D.

We recently purchased a hoist from Safety Hoist and have gotten the chance to use it at two job sites already. We absolutely love it! The hoist saves us so much time, money, and unnecessary labor. It has proven to be a great investment for us already and we can't wait to continue using it!

Jeff B.

Love it! No more carrying bundles up ladders or downtime waiting on rooftop deliveries. I paid the extra and got the Honda engine...well worth it. Reliable and starts on the 1st pull!

Aaron J.

I'm used to packing bundles up the ladder for an hour every morning, so it's a treat to have the ladder hoist around!

Jose M.

GODSEND! Why doesn't everyone have one of these? It is a godsend. Easy to use, saves on labor and injuries! LOVE IT.

David L.


All of our material hoists are proudly made in the USA, we offer the best warranty in the business, and most orders ship same day!