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Announcing the Newest Safety Hoist Ladder Lift

When we pioneered the first Safety Hoist shingle elevator more the 45 years ago, we could not have predicted all the changes in the roofing industry since then. However, our mission—to supply the highest quality safety products to the roofing industry and allied industries—and our commitment to providing outstanding service remain. For that reason, we are pleased to announce a new product in the Safety Hoist Company line of roofing ladders.

The VH-300 power ladder was created in response to changes in the roofing industry and meets current industry needs. Newly designed for peak stability and strength reaching higher rooftops, the rugged VH-300 handles 300 pounds with ease. With fewer parts, it is even easier to assemble than our popular MH-123 and CH-200 ladder hoists.

The VH-300 material hoist is

  • Safety Hoist VH-300 Power LadderPortable
  • Rugged all-steel construction
  • Equipped with heavy-duty track sections
  • Quick to set up
  • Easy to assemble, no special tools required
  • Constructed of sections that simply bolt together
  • Made with fewer parts for easy assembly
  • A one-person operation
  • 5 ft. standard, 43 ft. maximum
  • Expandable in 4 ft. and 8 ft. extensions
  • Equipped with a 100% ball bearing winch
  • Created with externally mounted bearings that can be greased
  • Fitted with an adjustable motor base
  • Built with solid steel carriage wheels with ball bearings
  • Designed with a mechanism for locking the carriage in place in transit
  • Equipped with a brake release that is operational from both sides
  • Easy to maintain or repair on-site
  • Even more efficient with additional ladderlift attachments
  • Current with industry developments and needs
  • Equipped with a new peak for greater stability and strength

*Italicized items are improvements from the CH-200

Order yours today to increase your peak productivity. Call us toll free at 1-877-99-HOIST or e-mail info@safetyhoistcompany.com for pricing and product information.

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