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Are you looking for a 200 lb. material hoist? If so, your timing is great!

We have stopped manufacturing the MH-123 to focus on the CH-200 which offers everything the MH-123 does, PLUS much more. For a limited time we will offer the CH-200 at the lower price of the MH-123—for a significant savings to you!

For 50 years, our sole focus has been designing and manufacturing material hoists. We are committed to developing better material handling alternatives for the industry and believe the CH-200 fits the bill.

Take a look at all the extras you’ll receive as part of this limited-time offer—all at no extra cost to you. That’s right, you pay the price of the MH-123 and receive the CH-200 with all the extras.

  • Rugged all-steel construction
  • Heavy-duty track sections
  • 26.5 ft. length standard, maximum 43 ft.
  • 4 ft. and 8 ft. extensions
  • Externally mounted bearings can be greased
  • Solid steel carriage wheels with ball bearings
  • Brake release operational from both sides
  • Self-energizing semi-metallic brake
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Take advantage of this special limited-time offer!

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