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Q: How high can the hoist go?

A: We sell the hoist as a package that is 28 ft. Two more additional 8 ft. track sections can be added to max out the total height at 44 ft. A support brace is needed over 28 ft.


Q: Is there oil in the engine, and what kind of oil goes in the gas engine and gearbox?

A: No, all engines are dry. The Briggs & Stratton engine takes 10w-30 in engine and 80w-90 in the gearbox. The Honda engine takes 10w-30 in both the engine and the gearbox.


Q: Can I buy a Safety Hoist™ or Safety Hoist parts online?

A: No, we handle all purchases over the phone to offer the customer a more personal experience.


Q: Can I buy extra track sections?

A: Yes, they are available in 8 ft. and 4 ft. sections.


Q: Is the hoist available in an electric option instead of gas?

A: Yes, we do have an electric option.


Q: How much does the hoist weigh?

A: The CH-200 weighs 157 lbs. The HD-400 weighs 165 lbs.


Q: How long will it take to set up?

A: New out-of-the-box setup usually takes about 15 minutes. Once the initial setup is done, the ladder can remain assembled and stored on a truck ladder rack for even faster setup time.


Q: How many people does it take to set up the hoist?

A: One person for initial set up. Two people are needed to raise and place the hoist where it needs to be, and one person to operate.


Q: How long does it take for the carriage to get to the top?

A: It takes about 15 seconds.


Q: Can material be lowered on the hoist?

A: Not on the gas-powered hoists, but it can be on the electric-powered hoist.


Q: How long will my hoist last?

A: Forever! As long as it is properly maintained and cared for. Spare parts are available and ship same day from our Exton, Pennsylvania factory.


Q: What kind of warranty do I get on a Briggs & Stratton engine?

A: All Briggs & Stratton engines come with a 2-year factory warranty.


Q: What kind of warranty do I get on a Honda engine?

A: All Honda engines come with a 3-year factory warranty.


Q: I need replacement parts, where do I get them?

A: All local roofing and equipment stores carry or can get parts for you.


Q: What is the difference between the CH-200 and the VH-300?

A: The CH-200 is our rugged 200 lb. hoist and the VH-300 is designed to lift loads up to 300 lbs.


Q: How can I tell what model I have?

A:  – The MH-123 has an aluminum base and all hoist components are mounted to the ladder.

– The CH-200 has a blue steel ladder base with all hoist components attached.

– The HD-400 has an aluminum ladder base with all hoist components mounted to a blue steel cart.


Q: When does the winch brake need to be applied?

A: The winch brake is automatically applied when the foot pedal is released.


Q: What is the required electric for the new electric hoist?

A: 110 VAC – 15-amp circuit



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