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One of our main goals at Safety Hoist Company is to continually increase the diversity of application. Whether you are lifting shingles, kegs or anything in between, we want to make your job easier. With our ever increasing number of accessories, our team is constantly working to make our products accessible to anyone who needs them- which is why we love hearing feedback from customers who are using our products for unique applications. We have heard from bar owners using our EH-250 to raise kegs to second story bars, to green houses using our EH-500 to lift plants to rooftop gardens. Most recently, we had the pleasure of working with the San Diego Fire Rescue Department to help them find a more efficient solution to their ongoing maintenance needs. Find out more below!

Jermaine Stevenson, the San Diego Fire Rescue Department Fire Captain and Lead Academy Instructor, spent some time walking us through their unique use of our EH-500 this past week.

“We run an 18 week academy training 2-3 times a year. Part of that training includes training on vertical ventilation- which is when our team goes on the roof and cuts a hole to let the heat out”.
Using a roof built specifically for training purposes, the fire department trainees practice the vertical ventilation process. Once the hole is cut in the roof and the training is finished, Stevenson said they needed a way to repair the roof in a safer way using less manpower- which is how he stumbled upon our product line.

To alleviate the time and manpower used manually lifting the supplies needed to repair the training roof, the San Diego Fire Rescue Department purchased an EH-500 from our product line. The electric hoist allows them to lift their materials to the roof with just the push of a button. The hole cut during training gets replaced with 4x8 sheets, which is why Stevenson opted for the Flat Panel Solar Cradle attachment as well. By simply mounting this attachment to their hoist, they are able to safely and securely lift the 4x8 sheets used for repairs. When asked how often the training facility roof needed to be repaired after vertical ventilation training, Stevenson said they need it fixed daily for about half the length of the 18 week training. When we caught up with Stevenson, he mentioned that they had just finished test running the hoist and were excited to put it to use during their next training.

Outside of vertical ventilation, all San Diego Fire Rescue Department trainees are taught basic fire fighting techniques, interior and exterior fire fighting, EMS skills, wildfire procedures and so much more. The department comprises roughly 1,000 employees and each training session typically sees 30-40 new trainees.

We had so much fun hearing first hand from Stevenson about their plans to use the EH-500 to help streamline their training process. Want to learn more about the San Diego Fire Rescue Department? Visit their website here

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