Introducing - The Hoist Standoff!

Born out of necessity, manufactured with experience.

Here at Safety Hoist Company, we are constantly innovating and working to manufacture products that make any job site simpler and safer. When thinking about the issues typically associated with using a material hoist, we knew we had to find a solution.

Introducing, The Hoist Standoff! Manufactured out of necessity, the Hoist Standoff is the first standoff on the market designed specifically for use on a material hoist. Stabilize your hoist while also preventing damage to the roof, siding, gutters and roofing structure of any building. Designed using a rugged steel construction, this fully adjustable accessory clips directly onto the track rung, allowing the carriage full uninterrupted operation. The unique design also includes a bar used for attaching the hoist to the roofing structure, safely securing your hoist and giving it an added layer of protection. The Hoist Standoff is compatible with any Safety Hoist model as well as any platform hoist on the market.

Finally, the accessory you’ve been waiting for has arrived!

*patent applied for*

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