Meet Al Atwood, Safety Hoist Company Representative For Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina

We are reaching new heights and expanding our national sales team. Al Atwood of MVP Sales has been representing the Safety Hoist Company for over 5 years in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

After college, Al spent 15+ years in the roofing industry and 30 years in the siding industry. He is best known for listening to customers and following through on their requests. Relationships with distributors are his passion at work. Family, travel, and vacation experiences are his personal passion. He also enjoys working with his church and serving in the community.

If you have years of experience in the building supply or roofing industry, consider joining the Safety Hoist team as a commissioned sales rep. You can find more information in our post Seeking Safety Hoist Sales Representatives. Contact Bob at if you are interested in adding Safety Hoist products to your line.

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