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Meet Bonnie Baird, Safety Hoist Company Representative For the Mid-Atlantic Region (Pennsylvania, Delaware, southern New Jersey, Maryland)

Bonnie Baird, Safety Hoist Sales RepAnother sales representative has joined the Safety Hoist Company team. Bonnie Baird of B Baird Associates will be expanding our territory in Delaware, Maryland, southern New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Bonnie trained as a speech pathologist. She grew up in a distributorship, took various sales courses and training, and has handled products—including Jescraft products—for the roofing industry for 20 years.

She enjoys working, meeting people traveling, and solving a need. She is known for following through and believes strongly that you are only as good as your word. She is passionate about people, travel, reading, dogs, and learning.

She has received a number of sales awards, has had the opportunity to live in Sweden and in Mexico, and her last years have been occupied with her parents and their needs. When you meet Bonnie, please be sure to welcome her to the Safety Hoist family!

If you are interested in adding Safety Hoist products to your line, contact Bob at red@safetyhoistcompany.com after you have read the additional information in our post Seeking Safety Hoist Sales Representatives.

map fo Safety Hoist representation in PA, DE, Nj, and MD

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