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Portable ladder safety and OSHA compliance

safety-hoist-hd-400The following Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements apply to all ladders including portable extension ladders. Our ladder hoists help keep roofers—and others moving heavy, bulky loads to great heights—in OSHA compliance.

  • Ladders must support 4 times the intended load except for rugged use, extra-heavy-duty ladders, which require a minimum of 3.3 times their 375-lb. capacity
  • No load will exceed the published weight limit
  • Ladders must only be used for their intended purpose
  • Non-self-supporting ladders must be angled so that the foot of the ladder is ¼ of the working length of the ladder away from the structure supporting the top of the ladder
  • Each person going up/down the ladder will grasp the ladder with at least one hand at all times, maintaining 3 points of contact with the ladder—either with 2 hands and 1 foot or 1 hand and 2 feet
  • Workers will refrain from carrying objects and loads that could cause them to slip or fall

Sound impossible? Safety Hoist ladder lifts keep workers off ladders by easily transporting 200-400 lbs. of materials to rooftops up to 43 feet high. Contact Safety Hoist today at 877-99-HOIST to order a power ladder to keep you safe and in OSHA compliance.

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