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Safety Hoist Company



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  110V AC power; runs on any household outlet or portable generator

   Standard height of 28 feet - 44 feet max

   Made with solar installers in mind

   Track assembles in 8ft and 4ft sections

   Max weight capacity of 250 lbs.

   Extremely lightweight and portable with wheels for easy transportation 

   Takes just one person to use and set up

   Easy set up and maintain on-site; no special tools required

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    Revolutionizing the way solar installers lift modules up to the roof.

    The fully-electric SPH-250 was manufactured to help solar installers work safer and more efficiently. Capable of lifting up to 250 lbs. worth of panels in one run, this model significantly speeds up installations.

    SPH-250 Perks:


    Perfect for jobs in areas with houses that are close together. The neighbors won't even know you're there!

    Easy Transport

    The hoist's track are made up of 4' and 8' sections, making it easy to store in your pickup's ladder rack.

    Saves Time

    One person could set it up in under 15 minutes, load multiple panels at once, and drastically cut job times.


    An eco-friendly solution for an eco-friendly service. This all-electric hoist runs on 110v power.


    • Brand: Safety Hoist Company
    • Power Type: Electric
    • Operation: Household power adapter or 110V AC power supply
    • Boxes: 4


    • (3) eight foot track sections
    • (1) four foot section of track standard
    • Solar panel cradle
    • Fully assembled deck width of 18 inches

    Note: Track designed for Safety Hoist models only. Not to be used as a ladder.


    • A one-year hoist warranty
    • Access to our electric motor repair program

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