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The Utility Tray

The Utility Tray

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Increased Versatility at Your Fingertips

Safely and securely lift tiles, buckets, bricks, construction materials, tools and so much more with the Utility Tray! Two models make this accessory compatible with any Safety Hoist laddervator.

Each Utility Tray comes standard with a pair of deck extenders and a pre-assembled steel fabricated tray. Not only does the Utility Tray expand your deck width by 18 inches, it extends your lifting possibilities! 

Which Utility Tray is right for your hoist?

Utility Tray L
Used with our 200, 250 and 300 lb hoists.

36" wide by 18" deep.

Utility Tray XL
Used with our 400 and 500 lb hoists.

44" wide by 25" deep.

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