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SAIA 2019 Recap Blog

Every year our events team searches for the newest and most innovative shows and expos to bring our products to. Finding a show that is the right fit is especially challenging in an industry as broad and all encompassing as construction. When our events team was tasked with finding a show that would be new to our brand, they searched and searched until they found the perfect show: que SAIA.

The Scaffold and Access Industry Association Convention is an annual gathering of workers in the scaffolding and siding industry. While we certainly knew about this industry, we had yet to visit a trade show. With our bags packed and our expo materials shipped, our team headed out to New Orleans to test our luck in the Big Easy!

The annual SAIA conference kicked off on Monday September 23rd, 2019 and ran until Wednesday September 25th, 2019. The show was held at the Sheraton New Orleans and hosted the largest gathering of scaffold and access industry professionals in the world. President Robert Delaney and Operations Manager Nicholas Bleiler represented Safety Hoist and WorkSafe companies during this event and had a lot to rave about when they returned home!

“This show was absolutely the best in regards to timing” Nicholas said. “The show hours were much shorter than the average show, which made attendees much more involved”. The show ran from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM each day and included a break for lunch.

“Many times at these shows, due to long hours, attendees get worn out and stop focusing and paying attention” Delaney said. “The shorter hours were something I had never seen at a show before, but it definitely made a positive impact.”

Not only were the hours condensed, but there were networking opportunities built into these hours. “Most times networking events are after the show concludes for the day. Most people are tired from the long day and don’t get to spend nearly as much time networking as they could. Having these functions built right into the schedule gave us the opportunity to meet with a lot of new companies and really interact with industry professionals,” Nicholas said. “It made the show really interactive, which is what you hope for at every show you attend.”

Besides the awesome show schedule, our team raved about the plethora of breakout educational sessions. “There were so many opportunities to listen to different speakers and learn something new, it was really a great lineup of sessions” Nicholas told us. “An awesome part about attending these shows is that you always have the opportunity to learn new things and this show definitely didn’t disappoint.”

Sounds like the show itself was a huge hit, but what did we accomplish? “We had the chance to show our products to an industry of people who may not have known we existed. It was really amazing to see how many attendees had no idea products like ours existed, but had a need for them in their everyday work,” Delaney said. “We come to these shows to help provide solutions to everyday problems for industry professionals and we certainly accomplished that at SAIA.

The show ran until Wednesday. While our team was disappointed it was over, they were excited to get back to the office and start on product improvements. “We had the chance to talk to customers about wants and needs in our products and are really excited to keep innovating and creating products that make our customers lives easier,” Nicholas said.

So, what’s next for our events team? Where will you be able to find our next booth? We’ll give you a hint; we hope you like country music!

Thats right – Nashville! Our team will be at the annual STAFDA convention in Nashville from November 10th to November 12th. Slip on your cowboy boots and “boot scootin’ boogie ” over to our booth!

Want us to attend a show near you? Let us know in the comments

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