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Seeking Safety Hoist Sales Representatives

If you actively serve the roofing and building supply industry, we are looking for commissioned sales reps to sell Safety Hoist laddervator products in geographic regions including AZ, CA, KS, KY, MO, and western TX.

If you know the ladder lift business, you know that Safety Hoist

  • map of Safety Hoist coverage in United StatesPioneered the ladder hoist
  • Has been in business 45+ years
  • Specializes in ladder hoists (otherwise known as ladder lifts, laddervators, material hoists, platform hoists, power ladders, roofing ladders, or shingle elevators)
  • Supplies the highest quality safety products to the roofing industry and allied industries
  • Provides outstanding service

We need sales reps to call on our Safety Hoist distributors to answer questions and to promote new Safety Hoist products like the VH-300 power ladder, which was launched in response to changes in the roofing industry, and these ongoing favorites:

If you are interested in adding Safety Hoist products to your line, contact Bob at red@safetyhoistcompany.com and be sure to attach a copy of your line card to your e-mail.

Don’t delay. Act today. Contact Bob.



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