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Safety Hoist™ Electric Hoists – Changing The Game

Patent pending on the electric hoist

Safety Hoist™ is committed to safety and efficiency. We develop better material handling alternatives—like our NEW electric hoist, which is the safest hoist on the market today. It is the first material hoist to successfully move the operator away from the load by using a uniquely designed pendant control. The pendant is connected to the hoist using a 16-foot cord, allowing the operator to stand at a safe distance away from the load.

We have developed the new electric Safety Hoist in 2 models EH-250 (250 lb. capacity) and EH-500 (500 lb. capacity). Both models run on regular 110V electric household current. Our NEW environmentally-friendly electric hoists are free of harmful emissions so they can be used indoors or outdoors. 

The new electric hoists feature controlled descent, allowing you to smoothly bring items up and down the ladder. If the electric hoist loses electricity while in operation a mechanical brake built into the hoist will hold the carriage in its current position.

Our electric hoists are made with fewer parts for easy assembly—with the least number of parts of any Safety Hoist. Like our other hoists, the electric hoists are lightweight and easy to transport. Wheels make moving them even easier.

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