Why Safety Hoist Surpasses The Competition

It’s easy to talk the talk about your company. But does your company walk the walk? Ours does. Safety Hoist Company surpasses its competition in all aspects and I’ll explain why. We are the industry leader. That’s right - the industry leader in manufacturing superior material hoists. Not only that, but Safety Hoist Company is committed to developing alternative material hoists, such as our Electric Hoists, that are able to lift up to 500 lbs so that YOU don’t have to! But don’t worry. We know you would never risk the safety of your workers let alone the OSHA standards you would be disregarding and the fines that might make your bank account cry...right?

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, I know you’re wondering what, exactly, makes our company stand out from the crowd. I’ll tell you; three words: simple, safe, and affordable. The products we manufacture are not made for little kids, but they are simple enough for little kids to use! Our simple, one-person set-up and operation requires no special training like a roofing conveyor. Not only are they simple to use, but our materials are OSHA compliant so you’re not risking a heavy fine or the safety hazards that come along with not using safe practices. Along with that, you get a true bang for your buck with our affordable material hoists unlike expensive boom trucks that destroy your yard. It would be silly not to use a Safety Hoist for any small to medium-sized jobs, wouldn’t it?

Furthermore, manually lifting material onto a roof is labor intensive and goes against OSHA’s 3 points of contact regulation. If caught, you face large fines which have gone up drastically since January 2019. Even if you’re not caught, you risk injury and/or death to yourself or your workers. Contrary to bulky boom trucks, Safety Hoists’ are lightweight yet durable, allowing the operator to move the hoist to the exact location it’s needed! Safety Hoists’ material hoists are more than capable in moving shingles, metal roofing, felt, insulation, plywood, solar panels, and more! 

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