Get 10% Off the Hoist Standoff

Now that you have a Safety Hoist at your disposal, enhance it with our patented hoist standoff. It's the only standoff on the market that is compatible with Safety Hoist products and can be used on ANY Safety Hoist model (gas or electric). 

Continue to improve customer satisfaction while keeping your team safe by adding this affordable adapter to your rig. 

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Why You Need a Hoist Standoff:

Extra Protection for Customer Property

Just like an extension ladder, if you lean the material hoist directly against a gutter, you run the risk of creating damage to the homeowner’s gutters and drip edge. Our patented hoist standoff provides space between the hoist and the gutter, adding an extra layer of protection for your customer's property. 

Simple and Easy to Install

Just like all of our other products, the Hoist Standoff is super easy to install and is extremely affordable. It simply clips directly on the desired rung of the Safety Hoist track and is completely adjustable. This allows the carriage to fully operate without interruption.

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