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    The industry leader—committed to developing better material handling alternatives like our new solar panel cradle

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    Simple one-person set-up and operation, no special training required unlike a roofing conveyor

Discover the advantages of a Safety Hoist shingle elevator

See how our ladder hoist outperforms the alternatives
in this video.


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Why choose a ladder lift from Safety Hoist?


Our roofing ladders are
  • Easy to set up—no special tools required
  • Simple to operate—no special training necessary
  • Designed for one-person operation
  • Uncomplicated to transport
  • Ideal for moving materials to hard-to-reach locations
  • Created specifically for high-peak roofs, where material might otherwise slip off
  • Saves you time and labor
  • Undemanding on your back compared to manual lifting
  • Practically trouble-free thanks to durable construction
  • Fewer moving parts means less maintenance
  • Intended to be maintained and repaired on-site
Our ladder lift is a safe, low cost, and highly reliable method of lifting heavy, unstable products to the roof or in warehouse and storage facilities. This
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces worker fatigue
  • Decreases both the risk of injuries and injuries themselves
  • Cuts workers compensation claims
  • Minimizes the likelihood of being fined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for improperly carrying heavy items up a ladder
Choose a Safety Hoist shingle elevator because it is
  • Competitively priced
  • More cost effective than renting a boom truck or roofing conveyor
  • Reduces OSHA fines for improper carrying
  • Cuts down on the cost of claims for damage to driveways, lawns, and landscaping
Highest quality
We sell the highest quality ladderlifts to businesses like yours. Whether you are a contractor installing roofing, siding, skylights, solar panels, or windows or a materials manager at a warehouse or storage facility, we are committed to your safety and to excellence, quality, and service.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Equipped with your choice of Honda or Briggs & Stratton engines, small portable engine industry leaders

Light and durable
Our power ladder is designed to be the lightest AND most durable in the roofing industry.
  • Created for one-person operation
  • Pairing lightweight track sections with a durable steel frame and the best small portable engine in the industry

The Safety Hoist Company platform hoist can be used to lift a wide variety of materials. We’ve worked hard to accommodate all types of roof shingles including the newer, heavier shingles. You can also hoist the following with special attachments for our ladder lift.
  • Boards
  • Gravel
  • Rolled goods
  • Sheets of plywood
  • Skylights
  • Solar panels
  • Trusses
We build a quality power ladder so the need for repairs automatically decreases. However, if a part does break, we provide same-day shipping on replacement parts and your laddervator can be quickly and easily repaired in the field. We make sure you can keep working when we
  • Design our products with fewer parts so less maintenance is required
  • Provide 48-hour shipping on ladder hoist
  • Maintain a large inventory for same-day shipping on parts for our shingle elevator
  • Make each roofing ladder field repairable
  • Operate 15,000 repair facilities in the U.S., ten times more than the competition
The industry leader
For 50 years, our sole focus—our specialty—has been designing and manufacturing material, platform, and ladder hoists.
  • As the roofing industry changes, we continue to pioneer new power ladders
  • We are committed to developing better material handling alternatives for the industry
- The brake rack increases your work efficiency
- Our platform hoist product attachments make moving materials quicker and easier

You deserve a power ladder from the pioneer in the ladder hoist

Each Safety Hoist includes:
  • Three 8-foot sections of track with splice plates
  • A 3-foot base with carriage assembly
  • Your choice of a Briggs & Stratton or a Honda gas engine
  • A self-storing plywood carrier
  • A one-year warranty
You have simple, safe, affordable models to choose from:

The CH-200 laddervator
200 lb. capacity
More rugged design
Heavy-duty steel construction

The VH-300 roofing ladder

300 lb. capacity
Heavy-duty steel construction
Fewer parts for easier assembly
New peak for greater stability and strength
Accommodates heavier shingles
Latest industry standards

The HD-400 shingle elevator

400 lb. capacity
Steel frame on wheels
Lightweight aluminum track sections
Single handle design
Self-lubricating platform wheels
Fewer parts for easier assembly
New peak for greater stability and strength
Accommodates heavier shingles
Latest industry standards

Discover the advantages of a Safety Hoist laddervator

Click here to see how our ladder hoist outperforms the alternatives in our video.


Manually carrying materials—especially heavy or bulky items—puts you and your workers at high risk of injury. The price for medical leave, workers compensation claims, and OSHA fines for non-compliance with regulations is high. Cut your risk and your costs with a Safety Hoist power ladder. A boom truck requires special training and a license to operate, making it difficult to rent for small jobs. Because it is prone to cause property damage, your expenses can add up quickly. Eliminate the need for special training and an operator’s license and cause little or no property damage with a Safety Hoist platform hoist. A roofing conveyor needs a lot of space. Like a boom truck, it requires special training, making it difficult to rent for small jobs. It, too, has the potential for producing property damage, causing this to be another expensive choice for moving roofing materials. You save space; eliminate the cost of repairing driveways, landscaping, and lawns; and can tackle any size job with a Safety Hoist roofing ladder.

Put a Safety Hoist roofing ladder to work for you

Start moving materials more simply and safely at an affordable price. Give us a call, toll-free, at 877-994-6478 or contact one of our authorized distributors.

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Click here to download the Safety Hoist brochure with descriptions of our laddervator models.

ladder lift preferred supplierSafety Hoist Company has been recognized as a Preferred Supplier for ABC Supply Company Catalog Division for the second time

Safety Hoist Company has been recognized as a Preferred Supplier for ABC Supply Company Catalog Division for the second time. Hussain Al-Yousuf, business development manager of the ABC Supply Co. Inc. Catalog Division, presented the award to Safety Hoist company president Bob Delaney at the 21st Annual Preferred Supplier Partnership Meeting in Beloit, WI on September 13, 2016.

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