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Lifting Solutions Made
Blue Collar Tough

From electric & gas material hoists to platform systems for steep slope roofs, we're here to make the work lives of roofers, solar installers, and chimney masons easier than ever before.

Lifting Solutions Made
Blue Collar Tough.

From electric & gas material hoists to platform systems for steep slope roofs, we're here to make the work lives of roofers, solar installers, and chimney masons easier than ever before.

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Roof-Loading With Ease

Material hoists, also known as laddervators, are used to lift materials and tools up to heights. Made so workers don't need to climb up ladders with materials--violating OSHA laws--they are a safe alternative to roof loading. Safety Hoist Company have been leaders in laddervators for over 55 years. Our gas and electric units are easy to use without any training.

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Why Safety Hoist?

For 55+ years, we've been manufacturing the best laddervators on the market. How does a company last that long? Through a desire to make the hard-working tradesmen's job easier and safer.

Whether you're a roofer, solar installer, mason, or general contractor, we've got your back. We're proud to offer award-winning customer service and industry-best warranties. As a veteran-owned business, you shouldn't expect anything less from us.

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4 Reasons to Use a Hoist:


Material hoists require very little room to operate and fit right in your truck easily. They also are not super heavy and can easily be moved around by just one or two workers.


Material hoists are meant to speed up the job process. They take under 10 minutes to set up and require just one professional to operate (and they don't require special training either).


Unlike boom trucks, material hoists allow you to book jobs on your own schedule without relying on another company's availability, especially during busy season.


When crews can't get roof-loaded, they'll sometimes opt to carry materials up themselves, violating OSHA. Material hoists protect against this and keep your team safe.

What Sets Safety Hoist Apart?

Constant Innovation

Our patented electric hoist was the first of its kind. Not only is it the only one that can lift 500 lbs, but it's also the safest one, too. Safety Hoists have more add-ons than any other laddervator, allowing workers to do more. As your crew runs into problems on the job, we'll be there to find the solutions.

Highest Quality

Our hoists are made in the USA using only high quality parts. Our competitors cannot say the same. In fact, most of their parts are from outside the country and don’t come close to Safety Hoist quality. Laddervators are an investment, so why not invest in the best?

Ready to Ship

Other material hoists manufacturers are often not helpful after the sale. And to make matters worse, they take up to 90 days to build and ship their hoists. When you buy your hoist, you want it ASAP. That's why we keep inventory in stock and offer same-day shipping on all laddervator orders and parts.

Industries We Serve


Our line of ladder hoists have been helping roofers lift materials to higher elevations for over 55 years. Gone are the days of walking up a ladder with a bundle of shingles slung over your shoulders.

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Safety Hoist's line of PV panel lifts keeps your team safe and working efficiently on the job. Reduce time spent lifting PV panels manually and avoid damage to the panels and your customer's property.

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With our electric material hoist made specifically for chimney masons, you can lift materials including buckets, vermiculite, bricks, and much more, without putting the strain on your back or violating OSHA regulations.

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We've spent 55+ years developing and manufacturing better material handling alternatives. Our customers have used our hoists to help reshingle a roof, raise kegs to a second story bar, and much more!

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EXCLUSIVE Safety Hoist Packages

We are constantly adding new product packages and deals to our website each and every month in order to get our customers the best prices on the market. You can't get these deals anywhere else.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What brand motors do you use in your gas hoists?

Other material hoists on the market use cheap engines made outside of the USA. Our gas motors are supplied by Honda and Lifan. Should something go wrong with your Honda engine, you will be covered under their warranty for three years! 

How long is Safety Hoist's material hoist warranty?

We manufacture a product we stand behind and have confidence in, which is why we are proud to offer a 1 year warranty on all of our hoists. We also offer an electric motor repair program for the life span of your electric hoist which makes getting repairs and maintenance done a quick and affordable process.

Where are your products made?

We are proud to say that our Safety Hoist branded products are manufactured entirely in the United States. As a U.S. veteran-owned company, made in America means a great deal to us; and we know it does to our customers, too.

I need my products quickly, how long does it take to ship?

We respect our customers time and business, so it's important to us that we ship you your order within one business day of purchase.

I need a part replaced. What do I do?

Click here and fill out the form on the bottom of the page. This will help us identify what the part in question is and from there, we'll be able to get you more information. 


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