A Hoist Standoff is a Must-Have (and Here's Why!)

A Hoist Standoff is a Must-Have (and Here's Why!)

Protect homeowner’s gutters and roofing structure with the Hoist Standoff from Safety Hoist.

When on a job site, using a material hoist to lift objects to the roof is often the best option–especially when you can't get rooftop delivery.

Even though they are less dangerous for your customer’s property than oversized boom cranes, there are still safety considerations worth discussing.

Just like an extension ladder, if you don’t set up your hoist properly, you run the risk of creating damage to the homeowner’s gutters and drip edge.

If the homeowner’s gutters are damaged, they can build up stagnant rainwater and debris, leading to a wet mess down the side of the house, and causing expensive cleaning repairs for the side panel of the home. This can also lead to basement flooding, cracks in the foundation, and other expensive damages, which your company would be responsible for.

We’ve seen workers use pieces of plastic, multiple wood blocks screwed into the roof structure, and even shingle bundles placed on the edge of the roof to prevent damage.

Unfortunately, even these well-intended solutions can cause a lot of damage to your customers' gutters.

That’s why Safety Hoist developed its Hoist Standoff.

This affordable device, made exclusively for all Safety Hoist models, is designed to prevent damage to gutters and drip edges, stabilize your hoist, and handle up to 500 lbs. of load.

This attachment's simple installation adds only two minutes to the hoist's set-up time. Just clip it directly onto the desired rung, allowing the carriage to operate fully without interruption, and you’re ready to work.

The Hoist Standoff adds even more value to your business pitch. It shows customers that you take the safety of their property seriously. Not only will you do a great job on their roof, but you’ll take extra precautions while you’re up there. That’s always a great selling point.

For more information about our Hoist Standoff, click here, call 610-941-4333, or email us at info@safetyhoistcompany.com.

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