A Safe, Secure Solution For A Broken Freight Elevator

A Safe, Secure Solution For A Broken Freight Elevator

Safety Hoist ladder lifts aren’t just for roofing jobs. When the freight elevator broke at a major east coast glass manufacturing company, Safety Hoist MH-123 material hoists were chosen to move 50-pound bags of sand between the levels of their factory.

This was possible because our power ladder can be equipped with an electric motor instead of a gas engine for indoor use. Our platform hoists are also highly portable, easy to set up, and simple to operate without special training.

Product attachments, including an unloading ramp, a plywood carrier, and a solar carrier, make it easy to lift and place heavy or unwieldy materials in business settings like this factory as well as apartments, event spaces, storerooms, and warehouses.

“Safety Hoist Company is committed to developing better material handling alternatives for the roofing industry and for anyone, regardless of industry, who wants a safe, simple, and affordable way to move materials,” said Robert Delaney, President of Safety Hoist Company.

“We encourage companies to think outside the box and see a Safety Hoist shingle elevator as the solution to material hoisting problems like those caused by this broken freight elevator.”

What problem could a Safety Hoist ladder hoist solve for you? Call us at 877-99-HOIST or e-mail info@safetyhoistcompany.com to pick the perfect solution for your situation.

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