Five Scary Fines Given to Roofers by OSHA

Five Scary Fines Given to Roofers by OSHA

Nothing is scarier than being haunted by OSHA. How spooky, you ask? Spooky enough that you might want to think twice about how your crew is handling job site safety.

Below are stories about roofing contractors that were fined so much, it’ll make your skin crawl!

Millersburg, OH

On four occasions within a three month period this year, the U.S. Department of Labor inspectors observed a Millersburg, Ohio, roofing contractor exposing workers to deadly fall hazards of up to 19 ft. This repeated failure to protect their employees cost them–-and now they face $548K in fines!

Miami Gardens, FL

This roofing contractor not only faces fines but faces the reality that there was a 28-year-old employee who suffered fatal injuries after a 40-foot fall on his watch. This company did NOT provide the proper tools for their employees to keep them safe from harm.

According to OSHA “Despite the well-known risks of serious injuries when working at heights, the company failed to protect their worker’s safety. That failure cost this young worker his life.”

This company is now facing $84K in penalties. But even more painful than that is having to live with the fact that their incompetence killed someone on the job.

Kansas City, MO

Back in 2019, an employee of an Oklahoma construction contractor died from a fall, and the contractor entered into a deferred prosecution agreement due to the safety failures leading to the fatality. The contractor agreed to pay $370K in criminal and civil penalties to avoid federal prosecution for ignoring federal safety regulations. Sometimes fines can haunt you for years, and failing to ensure your employees' safety can lead you to face some serious criminal charges--and even earn you jail time.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

The US Department of Labor investigated two Florida contractors who were putting their roofers’ safety at risk. OSHA cited the subcontractor company $163K in penalties for two willful violations, one repeat and three serious violations. The agency also issued the primary contracting company $11K in penalties for one serious citation.

“Nearly one in five workplace deaths occurred in the construction industry in 2021, and over ⅓ of these were related to falls, slips and trips. The industry accounted for about 46% of all fatal falls, slips and trips in 2021,” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Chicago, IL

The US Department of Labor sued a contractor for refusing to pay more than $360K in penalties for multiple instances of endangering their roofing employees. The contractor did not provide the proper tools to keep their team safe as they installed siding and roofing materials.

“Each year, too many construction workers fall victim to the leading cause of workplace fatalities in the industry,” Bill Donavon, OSHA Region Admin, said.

“OSHA is committed to holding employers like these companies accountable when they ignore their legal responsibility to protect employees from potentially deadly and disabling injuries.”

We know OSHA regulations can be a pain but they’re there for a reason. Instead of having haunting fines, lawsuits or even criminal charges ushered against you and your company, provide your team with the proper tools they need for their safety. Don’t be a part of the statistics, be part of the solution for you and your team.

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