How to Easily & Safely Store Your Brake on Your Truck

How to Easily & Safely Store Your Brake on Your Truck

Roofers and siders have long known about the difficulties of bringing a sheet metal bending brake to a job site. In the past, they’d haul their massive brakes out of the truck, put it on a sawhorse, and get to work. 

This process is unnecessarily dangerous and the setup process is both cumbersome and frustrating. 

That’s why Safety Hoist Company developed the Brake Rack™; a mounting system that allows you to easily and safely store away your heavy duty brakes on the side of your truck.

The Brake Rack™ turns the job site braking process into a one person operation.

When you unbox the Brake Rack™, all you have to do is attach it to the ladder rack of your pickup truck or custom trailer and it’s ready to go from job site to job site.

And once you get to the job site, all you have to do is unpin it and pull it down from the side of the truck, and the support arms turn into a handy truckside workstation–completely eliminating the need for your sawhorse. Plus, you no longer have to carry it.

Some of the Brake Rack™’s other benefits include:

✅ It's constructed with heavy-duty materials

✅ Attaching brake to ladder rack deters theft opportunities

✅ Safe and simple enough for one person to handle

✅ Compatible with most popular brake models

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