The Most Reliable Co-Worker: The Safety Hoist

The Most Reliable Co-Worker: The Safety Hoist

Labor shortages got you down? Can't find reliable workers to show up to your job sites? You're not alone.

Over 75% of construction companies surveyed said they experienced delays on job sites due to the lack of skilled workers. Unfortunately, this is a problem that doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.

So, how can we adapt and overcome?

We have an idea.

Safety Hoist Company is the ultimate labor-saver!

Let our electric and gas material hoists take over the job of lifting and unloading your materials to elevated places. By using a lift, your workers are now free to work on other projects.

We know time is money, so stop wasting time sending your crew up a ladder with all of your building materials. Send your materials up to your team and let them do what they do best- install! The best part? Our hoists don't call out of work for being sick, hungover or unmotivated.

We keep your job sites running regardless of staffing issues. Don't spend another day dealing with delays caused by lifting issues. Hire the coworker you can count on every time; Safety Hoist.

Check out our line of electric material hoistsand our gas material hoists.

For more info, call (610) 941-4333 or email and find out which hoist is right for you!

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