Safety Hoist Spotlight: LeAnna Cook

Safety Hoist Spotlight: LeAnna Cook

Once a month, we will be shedding some light on the great team that works behind the scenes here at Safety Hoist and giving you some insight into their careers, lives, and future aspirations.

This week, we’d like to introduce you to LeAnna Cook, Safety Hoist’s Administrative Assistant. LeAnna has worked at Safety Hoist Company for almost four months and her friendliness and desire to serve our customers is an immense asset to our team.

LeAnna is often the first person to listen to any questions or concerns customers have about our products and the company as a whole. 

Before LeAnna joined our team, she worked in both childcare and retail. She enjoyed her employment at her previous stops but decided she wanted something more, something a little less hectic.

Her one main takeaway from each position was that she wanted to work in a customer service-oriented position. She has always enjoyed interacting with different people and being able to help them in whatever they may need.

After her previous position, she decided to take a full-time position as an Administrative Assistant at Safety Hoist Company.

“Being able to work at Safety Hoist has been amazing. I get to talk to different people from different parts of the country and be able to help our customers with whatever they need.”

LeAnna is not only a full-time employee but a full-time mom as well. She has two young, energetic boys who both "bounce off the walls [with energy]."

“After working my 8-5, I go home, start dinner and leave at 6 to get my youngest to flag football and my oldest to his football practice on time," Cook said.

"It’s a never ending process but I love it.” 

Both of her boys love football season just as much as she does. During football season, her household can get a bit hectic-not only with her boys practices but when NFL football is on. 

“You may think just because I live in Pennsylvania that I’d be an Eagles fan but I’m actually a Cowboys fan. Best team there is!” 

Even after a long day of working and taking care of her boys-she still finds a way to have some downtime for herself. During her downtime she enjoys watching crime based TV shows such as 9-1-1, 9-1-1: Lonestar and The Equalizer. She also produces her own hair oil, Jacqueline Kenari, made of different essential oils. 


Starting at Safety Hoist, LeAnna faced a few challenges on the technical side; learning how to use sales and shipping programs that she's never worked with before. Now, as she comes into the office each morning, sipping on her favorite medium roast homemade coffee and putting on her self care podcast to start her day, she knows she's getting the hang of things pretty quickly.

Four months in, she knows she made the right decision to join the team.

“I love working for Safety Hoist because it is a small company and everybody has the mindset of ‘teamwork makes the dreamwork’,” LeAnna said.


As LeAnna continues to grow in her career at Safety Hoist, we’re glad to have her as part of our team.

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