Safety Hoist's Accessories Make Them the Most Versatile Lifts

Safety Hoist's Accessories Make Them the Most Versatile Lifts

What sets Safety Hoists apart from the competition is their unmatched versatility. Our extensive line of hoist add-ons allows you to transform your Safety Hoist for any job. These attachments help you deliver unmatched performance, elevating both efficiency and quality of work.

Track Sections & Support Brace

If you need to lift higher than the standard height of our laddervators, we offer additional track to help you get the job done. Additional tracks come in 4-foot and 8-foot sections.  Please note that a support brace must be used when additional track is attached to your Safety Hoist. 

Hoist Standoff

Our next best accessory is born out of necessity! The Hoist Standoff stabilizes your gas or electric material hoist and helps prevent damage to the roof, siding, gutters and roofing structure by creating a barrier between the hoist and the roof. This patent-pending attachment is strongly recommended for the safety of your  Safety Hoist and your customer’s property.

Deck Extenders

If you need to extend the platform on your hoist, we have you covered. Our deck extenders help you lift shingles, rolled goods, HVAC units and other construction materials! These deck extenders are sold as two 9-inch extensions which extend the width of your load deck by 18 inches.

Utility Tray

Need to lift tiles, buckets, or mortar to heights? Our utility tray is exactly what you need. YThe utility tray comes in two sizes, depending on the model of your hoist.. They also come with a standard pair of deck extenders, allowing you to safely and securely lift your tiles, buckets, and more, to the roof! 

Flat Panel Cradle

Our Flat Panel Cradle, also known as the Solar Cradle, mounts on any Safety Hoist model. This lightweight, yet durable, frame is extremely portable and sets up quickly. The Flat Panel Cradle effortlessly lifts  PV panels, plywood, dry wall, windows, skylights and more! 

Unloading Ramp

Our Unloading Ramp’s unique design allows itself to unload onto the roof, removing the risk of operator injury and material damage. 

Milwaukee Power Supply Kit

The Milwaukee Power Supply Kit allows you to power your electric Safety Hoist and charge your tools at the same time! This mobile generator comes with 4 batteries, allowing you to lift roughly 3,600 asphalt shingles, 4,600 square feet of plywood, or 145  PV panels and more! 

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