Take Back Your Delivery Schedule With Safety Hoist

Take Back Your Delivery Schedule With Safety Hoist

Here at Safety Hoist Company, we pride ourselves on helping our customers solve problems they’re facing in their business. From finding better ways to lift shingles to helping solar installers work more efficiently, we're constantly innovating in hopes of making our clients lives easier.

When our long-time customer and good friend Dan Price from Clearview Roofing Supply came to us with a unique problem- we were determined to help him find a solution. Dan has been a sales manager for Clearview for over 10 years. His knowledge and passion for our shared industry makes working together mutually rewarding and fun.

When working on a sales order together a few months ago, Dan mentioned a unique problem he was facing with his business. “Our roof delivery schedule can’t accommodate the amount of shingle orders we are getting in” Dan said. “I feel like I am spending my entire day trying to figure out how to schedule more roof drops than our delivery team has time for."

Dan went on to say that it has become increasingly frustrating trying to handle an overwhelming schedule full of roof deliveries and an increasing number of shingle orders every single day.

So together we came up with an idea

We know in an ideal world, every shingle order would be roof delivered. Due to things like geography, permits, and in Dan’s case, scheduling- that’s just not possible. Our line of gas and electric material hoists are designed for jobs where roof deliveries can’t be accommodated.

Together Dan and Mike Dell, our Executive VP made a plan. Why not offer a hoist every time a roof delivery isn’t possible? Not only would this make the job of lifting simpler and safer for the crew, it would also take some pressure off the Clearview delivery schedule.

Dan started offering his clients a deal- if they agreed to 15 ground deliveries he would rebate them for the price of a Safety Hoist. “It made an immediate difference,” Dan said. “Now when I have to give a client the news that I can’t make a roof delivery, they are much more receptive to getting their shingles ground delivered. It gave me the opportunity to make my delivery schedule less chaotic while also offering customers another option. It was a total win-win."

We checked in with Dan after three months of running this program to see how it was going.

“I can not believe the change it has made in my schedule and how differently my clients view ground deliveries now. They’ve had great success with their hoists and my work day has become a lot less hectic”.

We’re happy our hoist line has helped make Dan’s scheduling issues a thing of the past.

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