Your Swiss-Army Knife for Steep Pitched Roofs

Safety Hoist's SteepSlope Scaffold eliminates the need for roof jacks & chicken ladders by introducing a free-floating platform system that works on roofs with a pitch between 8/12 and 14/12.


Use the SteepSlope Scaffold as a Work Platform

With the standard SteepSlope Scaffold setup, simply add 2x10s and now you have a sturdy platform to work off of--and even store your tools & materials.

Perfect for quick repairs, re-roofing jobs, skylight installs, solar installs, and more, you can even add extra rails and brackets to configure your SteepSlope Scaffold to any project at hand.

Easily Shingle Under Rails

The beauty of this scaffold is it's free-floating. This allows you to slide materials (and remove them) under the rails with ease.

Easy Movement

Walking on steep roofs is a pain in the @$$. But with the SteepSlope Scaffold, you now have a sturdy area to easily move around the roof.

No More Roof Jacks

Instead of damaging the roof by nailing 30+ roof jacks into shingles, just mount our rails over the ridge and use one fastener per ridge mount bracket.

Use it as a Steep Slope Assist

Have a project on a roof with a pitch between 8/12 and 14/12? Roll one rail up the roof, hang it over the ridge, and use the step brackets to climb up! It's the perfect tool for the first man up or last man down on a job, as well as roof inspectors.

Simple Assembly

Assemble the desired brackets to the rail with it's simple pin assembly.

Hang it Over the Ridge

Use the wheels on the back of the ridge mount bracket to slide it up the roof and over the ridge.

First Man Up/Last Man Down

Use the brackets you assembled to climb steep roof pitches from 8/12 to 14/12 with ease.

Grizzly ASE Inc.

Grizzly ASE is Safety Hoist's primary distributor for Canada. Grizzly ASE are the Canadian Experts in roofing equipment and they stock Safety Hoist products at multiple locations throughout the country.

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