Steep Pitches are B****es

Make them easier to work on and get $50 off your SteepSlope Scaffold.

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SteepSlope Scaffold

Each order includes (2) 21 ft. rails (2x 8 ft. sections and 1x 5ft. section per rail).

Rails are extendable to 42 ft with additional sections.

Made for slate, tile, asphalt, and metal (including stone coated) shingle roofs with a pitch between 8/12 and 14/12.

Compliant with OSHA standards.

*Note: This product does not come with planks. However, the system is built to support planks between 2x8 and 2x12.

  • 1-year extended warranty

  • Ships in one business day

  • Ships direct from manufacturer

  • Top-rated customer support

Increase Job Speed & Your Bottom Line!

The SteepSlope Scaffold allows roofers to cut job times by up to 50%. This allows them to take more jobs and make more money. 

You know who likes to make more money? You. And everyone else.

See the SteepSlope Scaffold in Action


All you have to do to set it up is slide the rail up the roof and over the ridge. The rails float so you can easily shingle under them.


It's the safest scaffold out there for both you and the roof. You'll have a durable platform with lots of room to move, and you won't be actively damaging the roof (like roof jacks do).


For under a grand, you are getting a product that you can use for YEARS that'll allow you to make MORE money. Not a bad investment, right?

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