Introducing the AH Series!

Introducing the AH Series!

Our world is full of rising costs- everything from roofing materials, food, to gasoline for our vehicles. Despite these rising costs, our team at Safety Hoist Company is committed to providing a simple, safe and affordable product line.

The NEW AH Series was developed to ensure our product line remains affordable for everyone. Our team has engineered and manufactured this series to be less expensive than most material hoists on the market without sacrificing the quality standards that Safety Hoist Company has lived up to for over 60 years. Our sole focus has always been developing and manufacturing quality products, and we're excited to introduce our next hoist line.

The AH line consists of two different models designed to fit any material handling need. Click here to learn more.

The AH Series starts at $2,425 and comes standard with 300 lb weight capacity and 30 feet of track.

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