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Gas Hoists

For over 50 years, our gas-powered ladder lifts have provided roofers and those in the materials-handling industry with a simple, safe, affordable means of placing goods where they are most needed. Our power ladders transport unwieldy or heavy materials to heights of up to 44 feet, all while decreasing the risks of injuries to workers and OSHA fines for improperly carrying manual loads.

The CH-200 ladder hoist features a 200 lb. capacity, rugged all-steel construction, and a maximum 42.5 ft. height. The VH-300 roofing ladder sports a 300 lb. capacity and rugged all-steel construction as well as a new peak for greater stability and strength. The HD-400 shingle elevator, with its 400 lb. capacity and maximum 44 ft. height, provides extra lifting capacity for larger jobs. It also includes a single-handle design that simplifies operation, heavy-duty aluminum track sections, and self-lubricating platform wheels.

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