When Rooftop Delivery Fails,
Have Your Crew Prepared.

Product demo by our customer, Schoen Roofing.

Rooftop delivery is great-- when it's actually possible. The problem is, too many things can go wrong. And as we all know, when something can go wrong, it often does.

That's why you need to prepare your crew for anything. That means having a Safety Hoist in their truck at all times.

Safety Hoists easily move your shingles, boards, underlayment, and more, up to the roof with the stomp of a foot or the push of a button. They come in both gas and electric models, work great in tight spaces, and keep your crew safe.

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See our Safety Hoist Laddervators in Action


You don't need a rocket science degree to figure it out our hoists. They're incredibly easy to assemble and use.


Our electric material hoists allow for the user to stand up to 16 feet away from the overhead load, making it the safest option on the market.


Some of our competitors sell hoists for double, even triple the price of ours. At Safety Hoist, we stand for quality equipment at fair prices.

1-year extended warranty
Ships in 1 business day
Ships direct from manufacturer
Top-rated customer support

4 Reasons to Choose Safety Hoist:


Safety Hoists come 28ft standard (3x 8ft sections, 1x 4ft section). Our track sections store right in your ladder rack. This allows you to get them from job to job easily.


We have more add-on options than any of our competitors. From additional track support, to deck extenders, to PV panel cradles, and more, we have you covered.

Gas or Electric Options

Some roofers prefer gas units. Some prefer electric. At Safety Hoist, we have both. Our patented electric hoists provide unrivaled safety features that no other company can match.


Safety Hoists protect your crew from needless injury. Our electric lifts allow you to roof load with the click of a button, 16 feet away from the unit. We take your safety very seriously.

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Real Results.

View our Gas & Electric Safety Hoist Models


Electric (110v)

$3,400 (+ Freight Shipping)
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Gas (Honda Engine)

$3,270 (+ Freight Shipping)
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Gas (Lifan Engine)

$2,810 (+ Freight Shipping)
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Electric (110v)

$4,050 (+ Freight Shipping)
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Gas (Honda Engine)

$4,330 (+ Freight Shipping)
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Safety Hoist's SteepSlope Scaffold eliminates the need for roof jacks & chicken ladders by introducing a free-floating platform system that works on roofs with a pitch between 8/12 and 14/12.

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Our Brake Rack is a mounting system that allows you to install a sheet metal brake to the ladder rack of a typical pick up truck. This system makes using and storing your brake a one-person job.

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About Safety Hoist

Safety Hoist Company has been designing and manufacturing platform material hoists for over 55 years. Our company is focused on bringing value to all contractors through simple, safe and affordable products. Our goal is to design products that are configurable to your unique needs and uses. Constant innovation is one of our core values and we take pride in knowing our job is never done.

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