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Safety Hoist Company

Brake Rack

Brake Rack

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The Safety Hoist Company Brake Rack stowage system is a mounting system that allows you to install a sheet metal brake, commonly used in the roofing industry, to the ladder rack of a typical pick up truck. This system makes using and storing your brake a one person job.

Works with all Tapco & Vanmark brakes (except for Vanmark's Metal Master 20" Deep Throat).

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Easy Storage

Gone are the days of throwing your expensive and heavy brake into the back of your truck. The Brake Rack installs on most ladder racks and makes it easier to take it wherever you need to.


Work From Your Truck

No more sawhorses! All you have to do to unleash the Brake Rack on the job site is pull the pins and boom--it's operational. Now brake rack setup is quick and only requires one person. Pretty cool, huh?



The Brake Rack is made strong and durable--and most importantly, made in the USA. All the hardware you need for setup is included with this kit. Once its installed, you're ready to work.

Brake Rack FAQs

Will it accommodate my brake?

Our Brake Rack works for all Tapco and Vanmark Brakes, excluding Vanmark's Metal Master 20" (Deep Throat).

Is the height adjustable?


What is the maximum depth/width?

Up to and including 19"

What is the maximum length?


What is the maximum weight?

700 lbs.

Will it work with my truck/ladder rack?

  • Our Brake Rack fits most racks. We suggest that the tubular or square uprights are 2" wide and as strong as possible.
  • It works on slanted/angled uprights as well. You adjust the stopping point for slanted uprights.
  • The Brake Rack will not work on a Trac Rack® (This is a rack system that is adjustable. The uprights can slide to adjust for various cargo loads).

Will it work on my truck?

  • Our Brake Rack will work on most trucks.
  • Note: If you have a heavy-duty truck such as the F-250, you may need to install the Brake Rack brackets where the uprights and truck bed meet, for the work station to be at an appropriate height. If not, the worker may need to stand on a platform due to the height of the work station.
  • Also works on a Dually truck. Note: Adjustments will need to be made.

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