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  • Standard height of 28 feet- 44 feet max
  • Track assembles in 8ft and 4ft sections
  • Max weight capacity of 250 lbs.
  • Extremely lightweight and portable with wheels for easy transportation 
  • Easy set up- no special tools required with tutorial videos available online
  • Engineered to be a one-person operation 
  • Built to run on 110V AC power supply- can run on any household outlet or portable generator
  • Easy to maintain and repair on-site

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    Revolutionize the way you lift with our reliable & affordable high-capacity electric material hoist

    The patented EH-250 ladder hoist is our lower capacity electric powered hoist. Designed and manufactured to allow the operator to stand up to 16 feet away from the hoist while having full operational capabilities right at your fingertips. The EH-250 can safely lift up to 250 lbs and comes standard with 28 feet of track- with a max height of 44 feet. 


    Perfect for jobs in areas with houses that are close together. The neighbors won't even know you're there!

    Easy Setup

    When you get to a job, time is money. The 

    EH-500 needs only one person to set up, and is ready to use in 10 minutes or less.

    Save Money

    Quicker setup and great job efficiency leads to more money in your pocket from a reduction of labor costs.


    Perfect for operation both indoors and outdoors.


    • Brand: Safety Hoist Company
    • Power Type: Electric
    • Operation: Household power adapter or 110V AC power supply
    • Boxes: 3


    • (3) eight foot sections and (1) four foot section of track standard - expandable in four foot and eight foot sections to 44 feet
    • Fully assembled deck width of 18 inches - expandable to 36 inches with deck extenders accessory

    You also get

    • Access to our electric motor repair program 
    • A one year product warranty

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