Chimney Work Made Simple

With Safety Hoist Company's electric material lift made specifically for chimney masons, you can lift materials including buckets, vermiculite, bricks, cement mortar, and much more, without putting the strain on your back or violating OSHA regulations. 

Material Hoists Made Specifically for Masons

Chimney repairs, restorations and maintenance require a lot of work. Don’t make lifting your tools to the roof more difficult than it has to be. Whether you are doing a typical reline, a cast-in-place restoration or an entire rebuild- our Chimney Material Hoist will help make your job simpler, safer and more affordable, helping you book more business.

Easy to Use, No Learning Curve
Our chimney hoists are designed with simplicity in mind, making them easy to use and set up right out of the box. This means that masons can increase job productivity and complete projects faster. 
Ready to Go on Your Terms
Whether you're looking for a unit that plugs directly into any standard outlet, or if you want a battery-operated solution, we have you covered. 

Designed Just for Chimney Masons

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SteepSlope Scaffold
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