Innovating For Over 50 Years

Safety Hoist Company has been designing and manufacturing platform material hoists for over 50 years. Our company is focused on bringing value to all contractors through simple, safe and affordable products. Our goal is to design products that are configurable to your unique needs and uses. Constant innovation is one of our core values and we take pride in knowing our job is never done.

We're Here to Give You a Lift

Our team of dedicated professionals are experts in all things material hoists. We are proud to offer personalized service to all customers. Experience and dedication drive our Safety Hoist Company team, with an emphasis on excellent customer service. Whether you are purchasing your first hoist or are a returning customer, our team is here to help every step of the way.

Meet our Team

Everyone knows that you can't offer customers exceptional service and products without an exceptional team.

That's why, even though it goes without saying, our squad is the best in the business. Meet the people behind the scenes who make it happen.

Robert Delaney

President & CEO

Mike Dell

Executive Vice President

Marley Quinn

Executive Assistant

James Peterson

Warehouse/Production Manager

John Williams

Marketing Manager

Shawn Furlong

Business Development Associate 

Dianne Medina

Marketing Associate

Kyle Karpew

Inventory Manager

The Warehouse Team

The Best Crew in the Business

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We are committed not only to bringing you the best products we can, but also the best customer service in the industry.