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Ladder Inspection Checklist

The change from Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time in the spring and from DST to ST in the fall serves as a reminder for many to do semi-annual maintenance tasks. Utilize this checklist every time you get your ladder out (your ladder lift included) and before you begin using it.

 There is no “Defective” tag on the ladder from a previous incident

 The rungs of the ladder are secure

 No rungs are missing

 The rails and rungs are free from sharp edges and splinters

 There are no visible cracks

 All hardware on the ladder is tightly and correctly attached

 No bolts, nails, screws, or other hardware stick out to cause injury

 The ladder is not broken, cracked, misshapen, splintered, rotted, or warped

 The braces, rails, and rungs are not broken, cracked, misshapen, splintered, rotted, or warped

 The feet and treads of the ladder are free from damage, rust, and wear

 The extension locks seat properly and securely

 Moving parts are sufficiently lubricated

 Chains, cords, pulleys, and ropes are in good repair and out of the way

 Protective pads are properly placed

 All attachments are free from damage, loose parts, and wear

 The electric motor or gas engine of a power ladder is clean and correctly attachedladder inspection checklist

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