Nicholas Bleiler, Safety Hoist Company’s Operations Manager

Our employees are what make Safety Hoist Company a fun, challenging and unique place to work. At Safety Hoist™, we take pride in knowing that our employees are professional, hardworking, and reliable. So, what better way to show what working at Safety Hoist is like than to have our employees tell you? We want you to hear right from our employees in varying roles in the company why they chose to work here, and what gets them excited to come to work each day.

Last month we introduced to you our President and CEO, Robert Delaney. This month, we are excited to introduce you to Nicholas (Nick) Bleiler, Operations Manager.

Bleiler has been with Safety Hoist a little over two years, and actually worked for Robert Delaney at a previous company. When Delaney decided he was going to buy Safety Hoist, he knew that he couldn’t do it without Nicholas Bleiler. Bleiler saw this as an opportunity to start an adventure in a new industry with someone that he saw as a mentor. Two years later, Safety Hoist has not only doubled its sales, but it has become the leader in the ladder-lift industry thanks to the dynamic duo that is Robert Delaney and Nicholas Bleiler.

In addition to those two incredible changes, Bleiler described some other major changes that have happened to the company since he joined in October 2015. Under Delaney and Bleiler’s supervision, they turned a two week lead time to a one day lead time on ALL shipments! Products are shipping out faster and more effectively than ever. He also stated that they moved the location of the office and the warehouse without the delay of shipments, which is a very big accomplishment for the entire company.

When asked what he likes most about working at Safety Hoist, Bleiler stated that the people that he interacts with and the actual product itself was by far his favorite part of the job. “Knowing that the company takes safety seriously, motivates me to work twice as hard” he stated.

Bleiler works hard every day to provide the best products and customer service in the market. When he is not at work, he enjoys going to the beach with his wife, Tabitha, and their two daughters.

If you have called customer service, or have stopped by one of our trade show displays within the last two years, chances are you have spoken to Nick. Call us or email Nick to discuss which hoist works best for you.

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