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Make your work even more simple and safe with these Safety Hoist™ ladder hoist attachments

  • NEW! The Deck Extender- Extend the load deck on your hoist an addition 18 inches for even more lifting possibilities!
  • Unloading ramp—automatically unload away from the edge of the roof for increased safety and efficiency
  • Support brace—quickly stabilize your Safety Hoist for lengths over 27 feet
  • Flat panel/solar panel cradle—securely convey solar panels and skylights to the rooftop
  • Multi-purpose carrier—effortlessly lift unwieldy plywood and rolled goods from ground to roof. INCLUDED!

Multi-purpose Carrier – INCLUDED!

Safety Hoist 121-9761

Unloading Ramp

Safety Hoist 116-9746

Support Brace

solar panel cradle

Flat Panel/Solar Panel Cradle
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