Robert Delaney, Safety Hoist Company's President and CEO

Our employees are what make Safety Hoist Company a fun, challenging and unique place to work at. At Safety Hoist™, we take pride in knowing that our employees are professional, hardworking, and reliable. So, what better way to show what working at Safety Hoist™ is like than to have our employees tell you? We want to give you the ability to hear right from our employees in varying roles in the company why they chose to work here, and what gets them excited to come to work each day.

Last month we introduced to you our Office Manager, Barbara McGlade. This month, we are happy to introduce to you our President and CEO, Robert Delaney.

Delaney bought the company from the previous owner in October 2015. He was looking for a new business to buy, and his business broker told him about a small construction supply company that was for sale outside of Philadelphia. He went to check it out, and two and a half years later he has turned Safety Hoist Company into the most competitive ladder lift company on the market.

When asked how he would describe the company, Delaney stated that Safety Hoist™ is full of dedicated employees who are devoted to success. He also stated that our product is truly unique, simple, safe and affordable.

His favorite part of coming to work each and every day is interacting with his employees, and meeting customer satisfaction by knowing that we manufacture the best equipment out there.

The biggest challenge that Delaney finds himself facing is the fact that trying to improve safety equipment while at the same time having the best price on the market is very difficult. He stated that his team of detail-oriented employees make this challenge a lot easier.

Despite the ever-present challenges that owning a business brings forth, there are countless moments that have made Mr. Delaney nothing but proud of his company and his employees. Some of these proud moments include not only doubling sales, but TRIPLING sales in the first two years of ownership, and filing patent applications on at least three new products. He is also extremely proud that since he has bought the company, ABC Supply Co. has awarded Safety Hoist™ with their Preferred Supplier Award twice.

Within the next 5-10 years for the business, Delaney would like to see that the company continue to grow and develop outside of the current product line. He has high hopes that the younger employees will continue development and take over operation of the company to ensure that the highest quality materials are being used to manufacture the safest equipment possible.

Robert Delaney is ready to take Safety Hoist™ even farther. Contact the office today by calling (610) 941-4333.

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