Barbara McGlade, Safety Hoist Company's Office Manager

Barbara McGlade, Safety Hoist Company's Office Manager

Our employees are what make Safety Hoist a fun, challenging, and unique place to work. At Safety Hoist, we take pride in knowing that our personnel are professional, hardworking, and reliable.

So, what better way to show what working at Safety Hoist is like than to have our staff tell you? Today we are kicking off an interview series where we ask our employees what life is like for them at Safety Hoist. We want to give you the ability to hear right from our people in varying roles in the company why they chose to work here and what gets them excited to come to work each day.

The first employee we will be introducing to you is Barbara McGlade. Barbara is the Office Manager at Safety Hoist. If you have made a call to Safety Hoist, chances are you have spoken to Barbara. She found out about the company because she had a friend who worked next door to the office, and her father worked for a roofing company that used Safety Hoist products.

It’s safe to say “Safety Hoist” was in her vocabulary at a young age. She was hired in 2006 and 12 years later, she still wakes up every morning excited to get to work. Barbara’s most memorable moment at Safety Hoist is when Robert Delaney bought the company back in 2015. Robert Delaney is the current President of the company. Barbara admires the fact that Mr. Delaney gave her the opportunity to take on more responsibilities within the company and that he allowed her to show him how much knowledge she has about the product itself.

Many things have changed in the 12 years that Barbara has been with the company. Not only the change in ownership, but also the introduction of multiple new products. Another major change that has happened was the fact that the company moved to a larger building. Barbara embraces the change and growth of the company and stated that since Mr. Delaney bought the company, sales have increased, and she has enjoyed watching the company progress and expand. Barbara hopes to see even more growth and more products in the future of the company. She also hopes to see a sales representative in every state of the country.

Her favorite part of the job is how friendly the staff is, and she enjoys interacting with our distributors and contractors on a daily basis. Barbara also loves the product itself. She takes pride in working for a company with manufactured goods that are safe, simple, and reliable. In her spare time, Barbara is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan and enjoys spending time with her loved ones.

When she is not at work or at the American Legion with friends, her passion is devoted to traveling. Barbara is the heart of our office, and we greatly appreciate everything she does for our company. Call today to learn more about our products and speak with Barbara! (610) 941-4333.

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