Meet Michael Cloonan

Meet Michael Cloonan

Meet Michael Cloonan - Safety Hoist Company Representative for Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania.

Michael Cloonan of Flaherty Sales has been helping people get what they need for over 20 years! An experienced representative for OH, MI, KY, IN, W. PA, and WV, Michael’s tenacious personality falls nothing less of superb when it comes to making his clients happy.

After studying Mechanical Engineering (Robotics) in college, Michael brought with him a unique aptitude in the real world. Starting as a sales rep. for Rigid Tool in 1979, Michael expanded his horizons and began his next adventure with Flaherty Sales, a construction and industrial sales representative group.

Not only does Michael have a passion to create and build things, he is also a father of three children and spends a lot of time following his 16-year-old daughter’s volleyball team around wherever they play. He enjoys projects around his farm, playing golf, and spending time with his family.

Michael has been married to his wife for 26 years. After being diagnosed with MS in 2003, she used it as fuel and is an advocate that travels the country to speak. She has appeared in 2 local banking commercials and one national commercial. The national commercial, shot in Hollywood, was an ad for a drug called Gilenya which helps people with MS.

When asked to give one piece of business advice, Michael says, “Hard work pays off. Make the extra call every day.”

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