Safety Hoist’s Electric Motor Repair Program is a Game Changer

Safety Hoist’s Electric Motor Repair Program is a Game Changer

Safety Hoist electric laddervators are changing the game for laborers by making the roof loading process easier, quicker, and safer than ever.

But perhaps their best perk is access to our best-in-class motor repair program.  

Purchasing a hoist is an investment. When you make an investment, it’s nice to know it’s protected. In addition to our one-year warranty, our team at Safety Hoist extends the industry’s only platform hoist motor repair program to our customers from the moment they purchase an electric hoist. 

So what’s the motor repair program?

Over the life of your hoist, if your electric motor fails, we’ll send you a replacement the same day to minimize downtime. Once received, send your failed motor back to us. 

From there, your unit will be reviewed for warranty. If the motor is under warranty, your deposit is refunded. If the issue is not under warranty, you only pay for the time and material needed to fix it.

Nobody else in the material hoist business offers a comparable service. 

Safety Hoist’s commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond just providing high-quality products. Our award-winning customer support team always has your back.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please contact (610) 941-4333 or email us at

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