Safety Hoist is Officially Coast to Coast!

Safety Hoist is Officially Coast to Coast!

Big news! We've seen the demand for our products on the West Coast rapidly growing - which is why we've officially opened a fulfillment center in Seattle, Washington.

Starting December 15th, we will be stocking, fulfilling and shipping orders out of our new center in Seattle, WA.

One of our main goals for the year was to find a way to get our product to the West Coast more efficiently and cost effectively.

Having an additional center stocked with our products on the West Coast will accomplish these goals. But what does that mean for you? Faster, less expensive shipping! When you place your west coast order, it will be fulfilled same day.

Instead of shipping from our primary warehouse in Pennsylvania, your order will be shipped from Seattle. This will significantly reduce the time it takes you to receive your hoist. 

Not only will your shipping time be reduced, but so will the cost! We know what a headache shipping across the country can be, which is why we are so excited to open our West Coast center. 

No more long shipping times or expensive freight prices. Our line of gas and electric material hoists has never been more accessible!

Want more info on our product line? Click here or call 610-941-4333.

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