Safety Hoist Spotlight: Marley Quinn

Safety Hoist Spotlight: Marley Quinn

Once a month, we will be shedding some light on the great team that works behind the scenes here at Safety Hoist and giving you some insight into their careers, lives, and future aspirations.

This month, we’re featuring Safety Hoist Company’s Executive Assistant, Marley Quinn. For nearly four years, Marley has been instrumental in everything Safety Hoist has done for their customers, as well as their own employees.

After graduating college, Marley spent the beginning of her career in nursing for five years. When she became a mother, she decided it was time to step away from the field.

Until her two daughters were old enough to start school, Marley was a stay at home mom while her husband operated his business. After moving from Maryland to Pennsylvania, she assisted her husband by handling office work.

When the time came where Marley was looking for the next challenge of her career, she discovered Safety Hoist. The rest, as they say, was history.

“I had an interview with Mr. Delaney and I had a doctor's appointment later that day,” she said.

“I thought, ‘okay, I can do both,’ but it turns out the interview lasted three hours and I missed my doctor's appointment!”

Throughout her three-hour interview, she really enjoyed the atmosphere and her conversation with Mr. Delaney. After being back for a second interview, this one taking two hours, she was offered the position. She accepted.

The biggest challenge Marley faced when she joined the Safety Hoist team was work life balance; juggling her family life and new full-time job.

At first it was tough, but once she got into her routine, she worked through it.

An early riser, Marley typically wakes up at 4AM, gets herself and the kids ready for the day. She drives over to the office, where often, she’s one of the first to be there.

At work, she wears many hats, ranging from customer service, human resources, sales, inventory management, and much more.

After her work day, she goes home and gets ready to take her kids to all their after school activities including soccer games and Hip Hop dance classes.

“I love working for Safety Hoist for the simple fact that I’m part of a team and have the opportunity to establish new methods of doing things,” Marley said.

That’s not the only reason why Marley loves coming to work. 

“Another reason I love working here is because of being a part of a team—and working with my best friend, Mr. Delaney!”

The Safety Hoist team is incredibly lucky to have Marley as part of their team.

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