Our Battery-Operated Hoist Package is Here

Our Battery-Operated Hoist Package is Here

Here’s how this dynamic duo can benefit you

Contractors know that the best thing to use when hauling material to the roof is a material hoist.When you see an electric hoist, you might think it’s great in theory but relying on a customer’s power, especially in storm-latent areas, is often risky.

Luckily, when you add a Milwaukee  power supply kit into the equation and combine it with one of our  electric or solar panel hoist series models, you’re ready for any situation!

When you put this perfect combo together, there are many benefits to reap. Here are a few of them.

Quiet Motor

Both our electric hoist and solar panel hoist series were designed with you and your customers in mind. Sometimes your jobsite might be located in a noisy spot so starting work isn't much of a problem.

Other time’s your job site is located in quiet neighborhoods. So you might think you can’t use your hoist, especially early in the day, but now you can! Our EH/SPH series hoists are the quietest models on the market, meaning you can start work as early as possible without disrupting the peace.

Simple to Use

Using an electric hoist and even the solar panel hoist is so simple. Lift anything from shingles, solar panels, plywood and more with just a push of a button. You can also safely stand 16 feet away from the heavy load, ensuring the safety of you and your team.

Saves the Customer Money

Whether we’re talking about you or your customers— money! When it comes to a gas powered hoist–which, undoubtedly, does work extremely well– you’ll end up  spending  money on oil or gas over time. That’s never an issue with the electric hoist.

When you operate the electric hoist, you have a few options; use the homeowner’s electricity (which costs them money), use a generator, which are bulky and a pain to haul around. With the power supply package, you’re saving your customer money on their electric bill and leaving the heavy generator behind.

The Milwaukee power supply kit is a portable and versatile power source. You don’t need to rely on the customers’ electricity or look for a different power source. 

Complete the job on one charge

The Milwaukee power supply kit comes with a standard four M18 5ah batteries. Complete any job, lifting asphalt shingles, residential solar panels and more on a single charge. The Milwaukee Power Supply bundle will still have battery to spare after a job is completed. You might have Milwaukee M18 batteries lying around your truck, warehouse, or garage-you can use the power supply kit to charge your own batteries. If you lose any batteries or need more, you can easily pick them up at your local hardware store.

Lightweight and Portable

Sometimes the jobsite you’re at is in a tight space. Our Safety Hoist electric series is manufactured to be a lightweight and portable tool. If you’re working on a row home, in an alleyway or any other tight space-you can easily carry the ladder and set it up where you need to.

When you use the electric hoist and add on the power supply kit, you have a powerful tool at your hands. You can use it whenever and wherever you need it. No need to ask your customers’ for their power supply or even bring the heavy generator with you.

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