What's the Difference Between Gas and Electric Safety Hoists?

What's the Difference Between Gas and Electric Safety Hoists?

Considering it’s the most simple, safe and affordable way to get any small to medium-sized job done, you really can’t go wrong when you use Safety Hoist Company. Since you know you’re making the right choice the only choice left is based simply off of personal preference; do you want a gas or an electric Safety Hoist? Surely both will get the job done, but like I said, which do you prefer?

Let’s state the obvious. One is gas-powered and the other is electric. With that being said, there are several differences you will want to consider when choosing between these two hoists.

With the eco-friendly, pendant-controlled electric hoist, you can stand up to fifteen feet away, but the gas-powered Safety Hoist is used within close proximity. You can use the electric hoist both inside and outside while the gas hoist is for outdoor use only.

Furthermore, the electric hoist can be raised and lowered with controlled descent, but the gas-powered hoist is only able to be raised. As for the heights these hoists can reach, the electric can go up to 28-ft. with a maximum height of 44-ft. The gas hoists (CH-200 & VH-300) can go up to 26.5-ft. with a maximum of 42.5-ft. The HD-400 can reach 28-ft. with a maximum of 44-ft. To top it off, the electric hoist, which is typically an easier set-up, is lighter and can lift more weight than the gas hoist. The electric hoist can lift up to 500-lbs. while the gas hoist can lift up to 400-lbs. 

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