Meet Nelson Bloom, Safety Hoist Company Representative For Florida

Nelson Bloom of Equipment Connection Inc. has just joined the Safety Hoist sales team. He expands our territory across the entire state of Florida.

Nelson is a Cleveland State University graduate with a major in marketing and a minor in accounting.  He started selling construction equipment in 1983, and he formed Equipment Connection in 1987. Ten years ago, the company expanded to include the roofing industry. He has represented large companies such as Ingersoll-Rand and Volvo but really appreciates working with privately owned businesses like Safety Hoist.

He is known for his reliability. He is proud that his company—Equipment Connection—has made great relationships with customers throughout Florida. If a problem arises, he likes to solve it. This makes customers repeat customers. The American Rental Association has recognized him as their Supplier of the Year.

He is passionate about relationships. He always tries to make certain that his customers get the right product at the right price, that clients are dealt with fairly, and that he treats them like he wants to be treated when he makes a purchase.

He is also passionate about family. He is very lucky to have a wonderful wife, Susan; two fantastic daughters, Dana and Kirsten; and two great son-in laws, Steve and Luke. He gets tremendous joy from watching his grandchildren grow up: Danielle, who is in college; Lauren, who is a high school senior; and Ben age 7 and Nate age 5.

Nelson loves sports, playing fantasy football, and watching basketball and baseball. He plays golf and walks several days per week. He is also involved in fundraising for the Wounded Warrior Project.

We will continue to grow our Safety Hoist team. Like Nelson, we are committed to providing outstanding products and services to our customers. If you are actively serving in the roofing and building supply industry at this time, consider becoming a Safety Hoist sales representative. We are looking for additional commissioned sales reps to sell Safety Hoist material hoists throughout the United States, including in Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, and Ohio. For additional information, read more at Seeking Safety Hoist Sales Representatives. If you are interested in adding Safety Hoist products to your line, contact Bob at

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