Emission-Free Material Hoists for Roofing Pros

Our line of ladder hoists have been helping roofers lift materials to higher elevations for over 50 years. Gone are the days of walking up a ladder with a bundle of shingles slung over your shoulders.

As we transition to a more eco-friendly world, our electric shingle lifts save time, money and manpower by lifting up to six bundles to the roof at a time. Plus, they're better for the environment. 

Products Designed For Roofers

Safety Hoist Company's line of electric material hoists provide roofers with an eco-friendly and efficient solution for lifting and moving heavy materials to the roof. These hoists are designed to increase the efficiency of a roofing operation by drastically cutting job times, while also reducing the physical strain and potential injuries associated with manually carrying heavy loads up ladders or scaffoldings.

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