What does my hoist come with?

Every hoist comes standard with 26.5 or 28 feet of uniquely designed Safety Hoist track sections, a power unit, a carriage and a peak. To learn more about additional accessories available to make your hoist even more versatile, please click here

Can the power unit and carriage be used on an existing ladder?

No, our hoists use track sections fitted specifically for our units.

How high will my base model hoist go?

Each hoist comes standard with the capability to reach 26.5 or 28 feet high (depending on the model).

Can I buy additional track sections to increase the height?

Yes, our track sections are available in 4 and 8 foot sections. You can safely add another 16 feet of track through the use of a support brace, bringing your total height to 44 feet.

How long will my hoist take to set up?

A new out-of-the-box setup usually takes about 15 minutes. Once the initial setup is complete, the track sections can remain assembled for an even faster setup next time.

How many people are needed for set up?

The initial setup and operation only requires one person. Two people are needed to raise and place the hoist

How long does it take for the carriage to get to the top?

The hoist moves at two feet a second, taking 15 seconds to get to the top of a standard hoist.

Can material be lowered on the hoist?

Our electric model features a controlled descent, which makes lowing materials possible.

What kind of warranty comes with my hoist?

Each hoist comes with a one year warranty on all non-wear parts. For warranty information regarding your gas engine, please refer to your hoist manual.

How long will my hoist last?

Forever, as long as it is properly maintained and cared for.

Where can I get replacement parts if needed?

Spare parts are available for same day ship from our factory in Exton, Pennsylvania. Any distributor can order these for you as well.

What are the electrical requirements for the new Electric Hoist series?

A standard 110 VAC-15 amp circuit is required. This means that our electric hoist series can be used on regular household outlets or generators.

Does the gas hoist engine come with oil? If not, what type of oil do you recommend?

All engines ship without oil. We recommend you use 10w-30 oil for your hoist.