Innovative Applications

Lift whatever, wherever

Here at Safety Hoist Company, we have spent the last 50 years developing and manufacturing better material handling alternatives.

In an industry that is always changing, we strive to constantly manufacture products that meet and exceed the ever-changing industry standards.

With over a dozen hoists and accessories in our product line, we're sure you'll find one to fit your exact lifting needs. From shingles and tiles to buckets, bricks, windows, doors, plywood and solar panels - we've got you covered. Our customers have used our hoists to help reshingle a roof, raise kegs to a second story bar, and everything in between.

We are not your father's laddervator.



Greg D. from Seattle Washington uses his Utility Tray attachement to lift kegs of beer to a second story bar. The barbacks have never been happier.

Flat Pannel Cradle

Joe L. from Philadelphia uses the Flat Pannel Cradle attachement to lift windows up to the second story of a new home build. His team saved time and energy.


Carl R. from New York uses his EH-500 electric material hoist to lift HVAC units to roofs. His team no longer has to manually carry these units up a ladder.

Deck extenders

Robert P. from New Jersey uses the Deck Extenders attachement to raise bales of hay to the second story of his horse barn.


Kyle S. from Las Vegas uses the Utility Tray attachement to send pots, soil and other materials to the rooftop garden at his rental proprety.


"We recently purchased a hoist from Safety Hoist and have gotten the chance to use it at two job sites already. We absolutely love it! The hoist saves us so much time, money, and unnecessary labor. It has proven to be a great investment for us already and we can't wait to continue using it!"
Jason D.
"Great company, Safety Hoist is well made and much welcomed equipment for businesses that put their employees safety first!"
Daniel C.


All of our material hoists are proudly made in the USA, we offer the best warranty in the business, and most orders ship same day!