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The Hoist Standoff

The Hoist Standoff

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Works with all available gas and electric Safety Hoist models

Avoid Damage to Your Customer's Property

Born out of necessity, manufactured with experience

FINALLY - an accessory manufactured to solve major problems associated with using a hoist. Introducing, The Hoist Standoff! Stabilize your hoist and prevent damage to the roof, siding, gutters and roofing structure of any building using our fully adjustable standoff accessory.

The Hoist Standoff is the first standoff on the market designed specifically for use on a material hoist. Designed using a rugged steel construction, this fully adjustable accessory clips directly on to the track rung, allowing the carriage full uninterrupted operation.

The unique design also includes a bar used for attaching the hoist to the roofing structure, safely securing your hoist and giving it an added layer of protection.

The patent-pending Hoist Standoff is a strongly recommended safety addition to your Safety Hoist or any platform hoist! 

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